Comment Policy

I'm hoping to foster debate on any issue touching on my topic here, or anything else I post about. As such, I will be fairly lenient with post moderation.

  • Spam will be deleted. Mentioning a relevant page or article elsewhere is fine, even if it's on your own website or blog (although I'll be stricter about relevancy in that case). Work-from-home schemes, product adverts, Google-whoring and Viagra are not allowed, and will be deleted.
  • Heated debate is fine; abuse isn't being abusive to others who comment here, and I'm not aiming to be a punching bag either. Telling someone they're wrong is fine (if you want to be that confident yourself), calling someone an idiot is pushing it a bit, and I don't care to give an example of definitely-off-limits behaviour.
  • If something is illegal, I may remove it. This includes criminal (not sure what's likely in that category) or just civil illegal (copyright violation outside fair dealing).
  • Blank comments may be removed as pointless, as will "first post" claims or other such purposeless silliness. Good silliness is welcome.
  • Trolling is frowned upon, and if I'm confident it really is trolling, you may be warned (or posts may simply be removed).
Really blatant examples of anything may lead to immediate banning; repeat offences of anything may lead to banning. I don't want to ban anyone who's engaging with anything, but I won't take crap with no benefit.