Thursday, 31 March 2011

An Introduction

So, here I go trying to start my own blog. I've chosen as my main topic something I wish was talked about more - not being a non-theistic Quaker per se, but the idea of non-theistic religion. I would describe myself as religious, but not in a way that matches what most people associate with religion: I have no belief in an afterlife, no divine authority I defer to, and no concept of sin. I do not pray, having no target for those prayers or any belief that would support the idea of prayer.

Instead, there are principles that I have come to believe. Some of the language of this comes from traditional theistic religious discourse, but the meanings are not quite the same. I'm not entirely sceptical in my approach to these matters - there is no base of evidence to support what I believe beyond my own experience. I would, however, assert that my own experience is perfectly good evidence for me to go on, my claims being not so extraordinary; I would also point out that I don't seek to convince anyone else of my views. I share them in case they're of interest, in case anyone else shares them, or in case they turn out to be useful to someone else. Don't get me wrong, I'd be pretty happy if anyone becomes convinced of a similar view to mine, but it's not a goal I'm aiming for. A goal I hope to meet, if it's possible, is to find those who have compatible views, even if they don't realise it, and allow us to explore ideas together.

While I'm doing all that, however, don't be surprised if I talk about things that bother me, or current affairs, including Quaker matters. I also get het up about disability issues, gender issues, all sorts of social issues, really. Politics, science, games... well, we'll see what I feel like talking about.