About This Blog

Hi! This explanation might make more sense if you read "About Me" first. It gives some background about where I'm coming from here.

This blog is about sharing my experience as a sceptical, but still somewhat spiritual, agnostic, exploring different paths and faiths, and how I ultimately found a spiritual path that feels right to me, as a non-theist Quaker. There's plenty of information around the internet as to what and who Quakers are; if your own experience of Quakers is in the Americas or Africa, I should clarify that my direct experience of Quaker teachings is all in the Liberal tradition, although I am aware of other traditions.

So, my main feature posts will be about my journey towards, and my experience among, Quakers. It's not going to be chronological, but rather topics in the order I feel fits. I also hope to particularly address my experiences as a definitively non-theist Quaker, the tensions this can cause and the ways I have found to conceptualise Quaker practices and principles without reference to any sort of supreme being or deities.

There is a diverse community of non-theist and humanist Quakers, and plenty can be found about them online; I feel my story is worth sharing in part because it will provide one person's experience and thoughts in detail, and in part because I found my way without much reference to any 'organised' community of non-theist Quakers.

As well as this, I expect I'll end up sounding off about other things I feel strongly about - science (be it natural, applied or social), superstition, gender issues, politics, games... well, anything might come up